With a new camera in a phone, please enjoy littlewingsing.



Someone celebrated a very special birthday recently. Well, it was actually April 15th, but… that’s how it goes. The big #1, the first of a lifetime, and it was a sweet one! The lamb became a ram, because according to some, a boy can not have a lambie cake. Pshaw!

I haven’t mourned the loss of my baby, nor pined for the day he came out screaming, but rejoiced over the darling boy he has become. Honestly, I do not like new babies. There, I said it. Other people’s babies are a-ok, but that awkward newness, like being stuck in a small room with a total stranger from a foreign land, no sir, not my favorite. Now we are the best of friends, and age one kicks ass!!


Kitty valentines for play school. Who had more fun, mother or daughter!? Found the idea here.


My sister, who has two young lads, made Frances a very lovely princess gown for Christmas. As it is now February, I am rather late posting a photo of her beautiful work in action complete with tiara and butterfly (sugar plum fairy) wings.


The little cat has left the nest, her very first day of preschool. A little timid and completely distracted by the copious amount of activities open to explore. The sand table, the water, the dress up, the play kitchen, the play dough, the scissors… When I made my quiet exit she was sitting at a table with two little girls, wearing a pink princess dress and playing with pink sparkly play dough. (So much for my dreams of a tom boy!) I am excited and anxious to pick her up, only to find out how much fun she has had.


I told Josh our family resolution this year would be making a switch to cloth toilet paper. His surprised reaction came as naturally as it would for anyone hit with such a proposition. Why, how and really!? Really, how silly would it be to consider such an undertaking? I can see my mothers eyes rolling now. We already keep a diaper pail in the bathroom, to which we depositĀ  cloth diapers, wipes and feminine hygiene stuff, so it only seems like natural progression. What’s a few extra squares of flannel thrown into the wash!?



It’s all over and I can finally release the massively uncomfortable breath of air I took in this time last month. Ahhhhhhhhh! Time to shake off the funk and get on with things. Exciting things like rolling and 360 spins, babbling words that sound an awful lot like mama and dada. Exciting things like starting playschool, where there are scissors and play kitchens and princess dresses. “I want you to just drop me off” she says. Ok then, see you later and have fun, and I won’t shed a tear.

I never did get a wreath hung on the front door, or cookies baked or cards sent (shit, I never send cards anyway), but the kids had a blast and Santa brought “just what this little cat always wanted!”. It truly is magical on this side. Filling the stockings, hanging the candy canes, chewing up those carrot ends and placing that oh so special coveted gift under the tree.

I think we will take the tree down tomorrow. I like to leave it for the 12 days of Christmas, but I crave that extra space and a clean slate.

Time to hunker down and think about roast chickens and lamb stews. Lazy days in wool sweaters and flannel pajamas, all cozied up with some good children’s literature. Happy New Year!


If the acrylic paint can be unearthed from the depths of our basement, we will paint our salt dough tree decorations today. I did manage to find a large container of felting wool down there yesterday, so anything’s possible.

Taking a break from facebook and it feels really good. It was becoming too much like Jr. high school, which is like 20 years past. Not saying I’m some super mature lady here, but I can do without all the cliquey foolishness.

… and here they are.



The start of our advent calender, due in two days. I love this idea, maybe next year.


Boys are 100% awesome! They’re not clicky, competitive, bitchy or exclusive (well maybe they are, I don’t know). It’s all a part of life that I just can’t stand and it never gets easier. This boy of ours keeps getting cooler and I can’t wait to see where he takes us.